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Motion Sickness and The Negative Effects

As the name says it, Motion Sickness affects the brain’s capabilities of controlling your concentration when things start to move in chaotic and uncontrolled ways. The best examples of motion sickness risks are when you travel by plane, and certain turbulence, or when you travel by boat and the seat starts to get a little […]

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How to Choose Canadian Drugstore for Your Refills?

Why do so many Americans turn to Canadian pharmacies, when there is such a huge selection of local drugstores in their native country? The reason is much more affordable prices. According to experts, due to governmental regulation, drug prices in Canada are around 70% lower than in the USA, meanwhile, there is no difference in […]

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How to Control Blood Sugar Levels After Having a Stroke?

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke held professional research about the level of glucose in people who have recently gone through the recovery process from a stroke. Walter Koroshetz, MD, as the director of NINDS and his colleagues believe that increased levels of blood sugar (hyperglycemia) are quite common in people who’ve experienced […]

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